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We stock a variety of pneumatic and air wave switches and components.

Air Wave Switches

AW10 – Switch operates on an air pressure wave which is led, via a hose or pipe, to a diaphragm contact. This contact converts the positive or negative pressure wave respectively into an electrical contact and pulse. The contact is of short duration, due to the fact that the overpressure escapes through a valve opening.


AW12A- AW10 switch housed in Polycarbonate NEMA 4 enclosure


AW14 - AW10 switch housed in ABS enclosure

Specifications Installation

Wireless Air-Wave Switch

AW14-RF is our AW14 air wave switch with a transmitter embedded within the switch enclosure and the receiver wires into the operator. There is no need to hardwire coil cords or retracting reels, which saves installation time and improves visual aesthetics.


AW Kit

Air-Wave Kits- Consists of an AW14 Air Wave Switch, barbed coupler, rubber hose, end plugs and wire nuts. Kits are available in 12, 18 or 24 ft lengths with ½” or ¾” diameter hose

Pneumatic Switches

PS20A – Base level pneumatic air switch housed in an ABS enclosure Attach gum rubber hose to fitting. Use included wire nuts to make wiring connection to controls via 2 conductor coiled cord or retractable reel.

Pneumatic Kit


Pneumatic Kit - Consists of a PS20 switch, tapered connectors, gum rubber hose, end plug and wire nuts. Kits are available in 12, or 18 ft lengths with ½” diameter hose.

Pneumatic Hose
Gum Rubber Hose

Gum Rubber Hose - Our pure gum rubber air hose is typically used along with a pneumatic or air wave switch to build an air activated sensing edge. We stock 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 inch inside diameter (I.D.) sizes. All hoses have 1/8” thick walls.

End Plugs


P50: Hard rubber end plugs for 3/8 and 1/2 inch hose
P75: Hard rubber end plugs for 3/4 inch hose
PS20-RF: Discontinued — but still supported.
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Specifications Installation    

The AW14-RF replaces this model.

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