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Patriot® non contact edge sensors are uniquely designed as a non-contact sensing edge for motorized overhead doors.

The Revolutionary Patriot system combines the benefits of point of entrapment edge protection with non-contact signalling.

  • Telescopic or Z-flap options simplify installation on any door, saving time and labor
  • Optional electrical configurations for fail-safe or monitored functions
  • Compatible with all commercial door operators (backward compatible)
  • Independent 3rd party testing by UL to comply with current safety standards

The system consists of a control unit, emitting eye and a receiving eye which simply mounts into a carrier that attaches to the door. As the door is closing, the IR photo eye travels below the door. If the light beam is blocked by an obstruction, the control unit signals the door operator to stop and/or reverse.

Sectional Doors & Rolling Doors

Discontinued Patriot Models*
*-T1 and -Z1 Patriot models have been recently discontinued but, are still supported.
These models are now replaced by Patriot2.

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