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The MGS20 Sensing Edge for Pivot Gates

MGS20 may be used for 2 inch thick pivot gate frames and is custom manufactured to required length.

The MGS20 direct mount edge features 3-sided sensitivity and is designed to install easily by placing screws through the mounting tab into the gate frame.

MGS20 has been independently tested as a UL325 recognized component.

Safety Standards and Codes for Motorized Gates:

Miller Edge offers a convenient guide to help you comply with the ANSI/UL325 standard for gate entrapment protection devices. To request a printed copy of this guide, please email info@milleredge.com

Before designing or motorizing any gate, be sure to read and understand the
ASTM-F2200 standard for gate construction.

Since 2009, the International Building Code (IBC-2009) has required compliance
with the current UL325 safety standard.



  ul325 recognized component

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