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About the MIRT1 Non-Contact Edge Sensor
for Motorized Specialty Doors

Patriot MIRT1 is a photo-eye sensing edge that attaches directly to the door. The photo eyes travel below the door during the closing cycle. Unlike traditional static mount photo eyes; Patriot travels with the door, sensing obstructions prior to contact with an obstruction.

This non-contact system consists of a Control Unit and thru beam photo optics. Emitting and receiving eyes mount into a rigid steel, spring loaded retracting arm. The arms attach to the bottom section of the door and extend below the leading edge of the door, providing an invisible infrared light beam of protection. If the beam is blocked the control unit signals the door operator to stop and/or reverse.

Safety Standards and Codes for Motorized
Commercial and Industrial Doors:

Patriot may be used along with a monitored electrically activated Sensing Edge to comply with current UL325 requirements.


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