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Prime-Guard™ Through Beam Photo Optic Sensors

Spans up to 100 ft
Battery powered or Wired

Prime-Guard™ thru-beam photoelectric sensor is intended to detect the presence of an obstacle when the infrared light beam is interrupted. The system is compatible with nearly all brands of UL325 Recognized gate operators and can be configured for relay or pulsed signals.

Prime-Guard's rugged housing makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Suggested applications include motorized doors and gates where an interruption would signal the motor to reverse; toll booths and parking lots where an interruption would cause a signal to change.

Optional pedestal
Prime-Guard™ Photo Optic Single Beam Emitter Models

PG-EM-50 battery powered emitter, up to 50 ft range
PG-EM-100 battery powered emitter, up to 100 ft range
PG-EM-W both emitter & receiver are wired, up to 100 ft range

Prime-Guard™ Photo Optic Single Beam Receiver Models

PG-RX-R relay output: N.O., N.C. or 10K resistive
PG-RX-P pulsed output: 2 wire or 4 wire


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