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Bearge has served as President of Miller Edge since 1990 and holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Drexel University. “Miller Edge is committed to making sure every customer is delighted with every experience with us.” Flossie has been with the family business since 1988 and holds a MBA from Arizona State University. “We thrive on helping our customers grow their businesses and knowing our products help prevent injuries.” Tim has worked for Miller Edge since 1997 and holds a BA from Penn State University. "We are committed to new product development and quality improvement. We constantly look forward to foresee our customers' needs 5 or 10 years from now."

Miller Edge is a privately held family business originally founded in 1936 by Norman K. Miller. Originally known as “Miller Brothers”, the company was formed in Philadelphia, PA.

Following his honorable discharge from the US Army, Norman received a phone call from General Merrill Burnside requesting him to develop a safety product for use on hangar doors at Wright Patterson Air Base in Ohio. Norman developed the product and was issued the first patent for an “Electrically Activated Safety Edge for Hangar Doors” in 1957.

Since then the Miller Edge product line has grown to include both touch sensitive and non-contact sensing devices as well as related controls and accessories. Our products can be found on driveway gates, storefront grills, mass transit vehicles, and in automated manufacturing plants.

Norman K. Miller’s inventive spirit and entrepreneurial dedication live on through the company he founded. Miller Edge continues to focus on innovative customer solutions, and continuous quality improvement.

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