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Miller Edge Safety Patrol, M.E.S.P., is a free dealer support program. The goal of M.E.S.P. is to help members promote safer door and gate installations. Membership is open to all professional door or gate service and installation companies.

If you are a professional dealer looking for a No Cost way to increase sales and reduce liability risk, Miller Edge Safety Patrol is for you!

Sign up to become an M.E.S.P. member and receive your “initiation kit” that includes a free point of purchase display, membership certificate and a sales and marketing tool kit to help you increase sales by offering your customers safety products that comply with building codes and safety standards.

To join M.E.S.P. click here.

Already a Member? Click here to see what’s new!

M.E.S.P. Sales Tools:

Quote an Edge Labels – doors
Quote an Edge Labels – gates
POP- Door
POP – Gate
Truck Decal – 12x12

M.E.S.P. Member Apparel:

M.E.S.P. T shirt
M.E.S.P. cap

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