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Field Worksheet for Door Applications

Miller Edge has developed a step-by-step worksheet for commercial door technicians to feel confident in ordering the correct sensing edge. Each step goes through style, length, and monitoring specifics to get you to your desired edge.

The Quick Reference Guide is easy to print, and developed to keep on your trucks for filling out in the field. Click below to download the worksheet and start using it out in the field today!

Field Worksheet for Door Applications

Door System Safety Accessories
Today’s educated consumers demand the latest in safety and quality. Let Miller Edge
provide you with the solutions your customers require.

Safer door installations reduce door dealers liability risk and increase profits providing
a true win-win for you and your customers. Count on Miller Edge to provide you friendly
service, timely delivery and quality tested products. Our goal is to help you succeed by
providing answers to your questions about UL325-2010 compliance, sales training and support.

The following link provides a convenient reference when using sensing edges as a monitored device
with commercial door operators:

UL325-2010 Commercial Operator Compatibility

Door & Access Systems dealers have consistently voted Miller Edge #1 Best Safety Products Manufacturer


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