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Direct Mount
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Sensing Edges can be used in hundreds of applications because they are so varied in height, width and length.

What is a Sensing Edge?
A Sensing Edge is a touch sensitive switch that sends a signal to start, stop or reverse a motor or even to ring a bell. Since they typically operate on 24 volts, the possibilities for applications are endless.

Where can Sensing Edges be used?
Anywhere that you want a simple touch to send a signal! Common applications include:

  • Leading edge of a motorized door or gate
  • Along the length of a conveyor as an e-stop
  • On the bumper of an AGV (automatic guided vehicle)
  • As pinch point protection on various machine applications

We manufacture a several basic mounting types:

  • Direct mount
  • Slide in: extrusion with mounting channel
  • Non-contact
  • D-I-Y
  • Custom Solutions

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