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Hangar Doors Present Unique Safety Challenges

Miller Sensing Edge Installed on Bi-Fold Hangar Door
Specifying protection for motorized hangar doors is a critical element in the design of hangar buildings. The potential risk of damage or personal injury due to size of typical hangar doors and the value of airplanes, makes specifying Miller Edge a major consideration in designing safe aircraft hangars.

Why Miller Edge?
Miller Edge was issued the original patent for a "Safety Edge for Hangar Doors" in 1957. Since then, we have continued to improve our Sensing Edges for hangar doors to give you and your clients the most reliable, highest quality product available for all types of airplane hangar doors.




Hangar Installation Examples:

Hangar Doors with Aperture Openings
Custom Sensing Edges wrap the openings of these aperture doors and protect the airplane fuselage.

Horizontal Sliding Hangar Doors

Black & Yellow striped covers on these Sensing Edges add an extra visual alert.
Custom "cut-out" areas near the bottom allow access for tow bars.

Architectural Specification
USACE Specification    
Model Selection:
Door Thickness greater than 2 inches: Door Thickness 1-5/8 to 2 inches:
ME123 MU22
Specifications Specifications Specifications
Installation Instructions Installation Instructions Installation Instructions



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