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Pinch points are locations that create the possibility of trapping a person or body part and prevent them from escaping. Guarding these points helps to protect employees from injury.

Pinch points are found in a variety of locations on or around press brakes, conveyors, powered doors, assembly and molding machines.
Safety Edge Guards and Bumpers for Pinch Point Protection
Guards are intended to sense an obstruction at the pinch point
(point of entrapment) and signal the motor to stop and or reverse.
Sensing edges and bumpers may be wired in series to create
a continuous sensitized area.

Optional controllers are used for monitoring the safety inputs from the mat.
If the wiring is cut or there is a fault in the mat system, a signal is sent to the
motor controls to stop operation.

Sensitized Bumpers and Edge Guards Commonly Used for Pinch Point Protection
We manufacture a several basic mounting types:

Custom Sizes, shapes and sensitivity
Our custom edges and bumpers are manufactured to your exact specifications
for size and shape. Additionally, sensitivity may be specified at time of manufacture.

Plant safety requirements are varied so we invite you to contact us to
discuss your specific needs.


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