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Compliance with IBC, IFC and UL325
Miller Edge manufactures Sensing Solutions to keep your clients safe from damage or injury from motorized pivot gates. While convenient, gates can be potentially dangerous to people and objects in their paths. Entrapment protection should be specified to comply with codes and to provide safe gate systems for your clients.

The International Building Code 2009 and the International Fire Code 2009 both require compliance with UL325 as it applies to automated gates. It is important to specify products that comply with UL325, as most local jurisdictions in the United States require compliance with IBC and IFC codes.

UL325 Entrapment Protection for Automated Pivot Gates
In accordance with UL325, pivot gates require two forms of entrapment protection: One Primary device and One Secondary device.



Miller Edge offers two types of UL tested and recognized products to specifically meet code requirement for pivot gates:

Contact Sensor (also referred to as Edge Sensor, Sensing Edge, Safety Edge or Gate Edge) This type of sensor attaches directly to the gate and provides a reversing signal at the point of entrapment. Specify a Contact Sensing Edge along the entire length of the bottom edge of the pivot gate.

Non-Contact Sensor (also referred to as photoelectric sensor, infrared beam or photo eye) Invisi-Guard attaches near the gate. A minimum of two units is recommended: one on the interior and one on exterior of the opening. Since non-contact sensors are not applied directly to the gate, it is possible for the gate to make contact with an obstruction without being detected.

This forms the reasoning behind the requirement for both primary and secondary entrapment protection devices.


Search Products for Pivot Gates:
For monitored gate edges being used with 2016 UL325 Recognized gate operators, please specify wiring termination requirements. Most gate operator brands require T2 internal wiring (10k resistive) configuration to monitor the presence and function of external devices.
Photo Optic Sensors for Pivot Gates:
Spans up to 30 or 50 ft
Battery powered or Wired
Optional ergonomic
protective boot cover
Optional pedestal
Wall mount
extension brackets
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