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Safety Considerations for Motorized
Commercial and Industrial Doors:

Large commercial doors have special safety considerations that should be taken into account as a part of the overall door safety system. A qualified professional door installation company can provide you with the peace of mind you need to assure your motorized industrial door system is safe and in good working order.


What is a Sensing Edge?
A sensing edge attaches to the leading edge of the door. Typically it replaces
the weather seal. When activated, it sends a signal to the motor to stop or
reverse the door’s motion.

There are several types of activation methods commonly used in the
construction of a Sensing Edge:

  1. Pneumatic/Air Activated
    Typically contain a flexible hose that is sealed on one end and connected
    to an air switch on the opposite end. When the hose is compressed air is
    pushed into the switch, which then sends a signal to the motor

  2. Electrically Activated
    Contains two conductive strips, separated by a gap. When the sensor is compressed the conductive elements touch each other. Touching of
    these conductive strips sends an electric signal to the motor.

    How It Works

  3. Photo Optic
    Contains two photo eyes attached to the door. One photo eye sends out
    an invisible beam of light to the other receiving eye. When the beam of
    light is blocked, a signal is sent to the motor.

    How it Works (:10 seconds)

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Safety Standards and Codes for Motorized
Commercial and Industrial Doors:

Effective August 29, 2010, Underwriters Laboratories required that all commercial door operators bearing the UL label are required to be installed with a continuously monitored safety device. This may be accomplished by continuous pressure on the close button or by use of a monitored reversing device attached to the door system.

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