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Safety Considerations for Motorized Commercial and Industrial Doors:

When recommending safety accessories to your customers, it is important to assess the individual application. If door-to-floor protection is what they need, offer an electrically activated MT22 as part of the overall door safety system.

Model #MT22 is designed for use on rolling steel doors with double L-angle bottom bars and are custom manufactured to required length. Our Sensing Edges are designed to provide a safe means of stopping and reversing a door’s motion.

To install, insert the “T” mounting flap between the L-angles on door’s bottom bar. When touch activated, the internal sensor sends a signal to the motor to stop and/or reverse motion.

Common installations for the MT22 can be found on rolling steel doors in warehouses and convention centers.

MT22 has been tested with most UL listed commercial operator manufacturers to comply with the UL325-2010 standard and may be used as the required monitored device or as an ancillary device.

UL325-2010 Commercial Operator Compatibility

Safety Standards and Codes for Motorized
Commercial and Industrial Doors:

Effective August 29, 2010, Underwriters Laboratories required that all commercial door operators bearing the UL label are required to be installed with a continuously monitored safety device.

Since 2009, the International Building Code (IBC-2009) has required compliance with the current UL325 safety standard.


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