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The MGR20 Sensing Edge for Automatic Slide Gates

MGR20 may be used on 2” round posts and is custom manufactured to required length. The MGR20 provides 3-sided sensitivity to signal when touch activated on the front or sides.

The MGR20 edge is designed to install easily on 2” round gate posts.

Simply wrap the edge around the post and secure with screws.

MGR20 has been independently tested as a UL325 recognized component.

Safety Standards and Codes for Motorized Gates:

Miller Edge offers a convenient guide to help you comply with the ANSI/UL325 standard for gate entrapment protection devices. To request a printed copy of this guide, please email info@milleredge.com.

Before designing or motorizing any gate, be sure to read and understand the
ASTM-F2200 standard for gate construction.

Since 2009, the International Building Code (IBC-2009) has required compliance
with the current UL325 safety standard.


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